Printing Genealogy Reports

It's a long journey

It’s a long journey

A neighbor here in Arizona (Bev) was telling me about the problem printing reports from her Family Tree Maker program.

She is a way ahead of me. I had not gotten to that part yet and assumed that reports were easy to print out just as we wanted them.

It turns out that Bev and I had the same desire for descendant reports that allowed us to choose an ancestor and print out a report showing the descendants running from left to right.

Alas. That was not possible. So we did a little digging and found this dandy add on program.

Progeny Charting Companion

I ordered the Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker. Actually I ordered the wrong version at first but the Progeny owners were extremely helpful in correcting my mistake. I have Windows 8 and FTM 2012. The latest version of Charting Companion is version 5 which replaces version 4 but version 4 is the one that works with my setup.

You can download the trial version of Charting Companion 4 here. It is worth a try if you want to see how powerful it is.

Progeny Genealogy is located in Nova Scotia and that gave me a big thrill as I am from the neighboring province, Prince Edward Island. This great program is from my neck of the woods.

It works with more than just Family Tree Maker and I love the power it gives me over my reports. Here’s a tiny snapshot of how it looks. I have it color coded by lineage.


52 Ancestors #7 – G. Thomas Cameron

George Thomas Cameron (1861-1951)

George Thomas Cameron (1861-1951)

This is my great grandfather G. Thomas Cameron. That is me on the right. My cousin Margie Robertson is on the left and in Great Grand Daddy’s arms is my baby brother Stirling Reid. Stirling was born in February 1951. Grand Daddy died that year. I remember being at his funeral.

Thomas’ father John was born on Prince Edward Island around 1822 and his parents were both born in Scotland. Right now I don’t have a great deal of information on them but I hope to discover more soon. Thomas’ mother Susanna Goodwin was born on Prince Edward Island. Her father was Irish and her mother was English. I have very little information on them too.

On June 26, 1890, he married Louise Francis who was two years younger than he was. According to the daughter of their daughter Louise, great grandma Louise was a very strict mother. She had stringent rules for living life and heaven help anyone who did not obey her.

Although I have seen and touched and loved my great grandfather, I don’t know a lot about him. He didn’t scare me, that I do know.

Thomas and Louise had six daughters and one son. It was a kind of a bad luck family. The only son Jack (1904-1928) was kicked by a horse and died of his injuries. He was single at the time. The story was that as he lay dying he announced to the family sitting death watch beside his bed that he saw the pearly gates. He had a beatific look on his face as he told his family the gates were beautiful. And then he died.

Their oldest daughter, Annie Blanche (1891-1983) was known as Blanche. She moved to Winnipeg where she lived in a boarding house and had a job as a stenographer. She married James R. (Jimmy) Littlejohn and they had one daughter, Phyllis. Blanche was scary, unlike her father. Possibly she was like her mother. She was horrifically strict with her daughter Phyllis.

Their next daughter was Bertha Helena (1894-1976), my grandmother. She was a kind and talented woman. She was a fantastic seamstress as well as a great cook.

The third daughter was Mildred Millicent (1897-1929). Millie died young as a result of serious post partum depression after the birth of her second child. This was also the year after her only brother died.

Rhoda Francis (1898-1974) was an aunt who was loving and kind like my grandmother. She loved to laugh. The next daughter was Reatha (1902-1978). Reatha had an unfortunate experience in 1922. She was barely 20 when she gave birth to a daughter and therefore, because she was single, she had to give up her baby and leave the Island in disgrace. She was a survivor and built a good life for herself in New Hampshire.

The last daughter was Louise (1907-1990). She was like Nana and Aunt Rhoda. Kind, loving and talented.



52 Ancestors #6 – Ferquhard Betoun (Beaton)

Ferquhard Betoun is my 9th great grandfather. Betoun was also spelled Bethune in some of the genealogy records. It was apparently pronounced Beaton and that it the spelling that the family ended up with once they immigrated to Prince Edward Island on the Polly in 1803.

Flat River Cemetery is where Dad wanted to be buried. He talked about this passionately but the last burial took place in 1963 and I don’t think the cemetery is in use any more. I hope he forgives us for putting him in Bay Fortune Cemetery.

Turns out he had a reason for loving Flat River Cemetery. It exists on part of the 250 acres that the Earl of Selkirk gave Angus Beaton in 1806. Angus is my fifth great grandfather and the son of Malcolm who was the son of Angus who was the son of Angus, the son of Ferquhard.

Can you see how difficult it is to sort out ancestors with so many similar names. Angus Beaton was also known as Aonghus MacChaluim. I am speculating but on Prince Edward Island people are still known by such family names. Jack George is Jack the son of George.

If you say Aonghus MacChaluim out loud, you will hear Angus Malcolm. And that is who Angus Beaton was – Angus the son of Malcolm.

Rumor has it that Angus Beaton (1728-1825) was the first person buried in Flat River. Angus had a lot of sons. One of them was Donald (1772-1867) who had a son Malcolm. Malcolm Beaton (1799-1877) was also buried in Flat River. His tombstone is shown to the right.malcolmbeaton

Malcolm married Christy MacLeod (1802-1853). Their son John Beaton (1832-1889) was known as Lame John Beaton. At least this is what my father told me. Lame John was a school teacher. He was also a shopkeeper and his store was close to the school. He would teach but if he saw someone come into the store, he would set the students to a task and go to the store to tend to business.

christinareidMalcolm and Christy had a daughter Christine Mary Anne Beaton (1864-1906). Christine married David Reid. That’s her picture above.

However, back to Ferquhard Betoun. He was born on the Isle of Skye in 1597. At the age of 26, in 1623, he married Marjory Boswell. They had at least five sons. Angus Ewan was born in 1624, Peter (1626), Kenneth (1630), Neil (1632), and John (1634).

Ferquhard’s parents were Angus (1571) and Anna (1576) Beaton. He was named for his grandfather Ferquhard (1542-1574). His great grandfather was Angus (1515). This line can be traced back to Angus’ father Peter, his father Archibald, Archibald’s father John, then another Archibald and another John.

This latter John (1343-1386) was the son of Robert de Bethune. Robert’s parents were Alexander de Bethune (1281-1332) and Isabel D’Estouteville (1287). Isabelle came from Normandy, France. Alexander was born in Scotland to Jean de Bethune from Belgium and Jeanne de Coucy from France. Alexander’s father was Guillaume de Bethune IV. His grandfather was Guillaume de Bethune III. He was born in Belgium around 1202.

Okay, in the 1200s there was some moving around but once the Beatons got settled on the Isle of Skye, they were fairly stationary until Angus came to Prince Edward Island. I am looking to see what else I can find about Ferquhard and will add it here when I can.