The Yoga Mat and Me

The yoga matThe Pond symbolizes everything that is wrong with the way I have always organized my life. Before I explain that, I have to mention that this site may seem a great deal different than it used to be. If this is your first visit, you would not know that.

If you have been here before, bear with me. I am in the process of consolidating all the websites I have. That scatter gun approach I had to my online web presence is also symbolized by my relationship with the yoga mat. I get in my own way.

About the Yoga Mat

I need to get in shape for no reason other than my mobility is being threatened. I need a cane to get around and sometimes that is not enough. It’s one of those things that happen when a person becomes so sedentary that they hardly move. It’s that old adage – use it or lose it. I lost it.

Yoga is fabulous for flexibility and mobility. I ordered a wonderful DVD – Heavyweight Yoga by Abby Lenz. She is engaging and kind and knowledgeable. She taught the kind of yoga a person like me needs.

The only thing was, I did not have a yoga mat so I just watched her wonderful DVD. Abby even makes it clear that if any of the positions are at all difficult, I could sit on my bed and do them. But no. I had to have a yoga mat. Unless all circumstances were perfect, I could not start.

Months have passed. I did some research and it turns out that a mat is not an essential part of yoga. It serves to keep you from slipping if your floor is slippery. I have a carpeted floor. It sets out your space. But it is not an essential piece of Yogaequipment for yoga.

Yet those months have passed and I did no yoga. I gained no mobility and I feel even worse about my inactivity than I did before.

It’s Not Just Yoga

This website used to be my landing place for finding online writing work. Then my Geek Granny site was my genealogy place. And I have several sites about my fiction. I sat down at the beginning of the year and decided to consolidate my sites. I was neglecting all of them because I could not decide which one to focus on.

It is now March. More than two months later I am following through. I have had to work hard to clear out this paralyzing perfectionism that is anything but perfect. I gave up ghostwriting and that was a challenge to let it go. I finished the very last of the last projects yesterday. It meant writing 10,000 words in two days.

I did it. I sat there and wrote and wrote and wrote. Some of this was due to Chris Fox and the motivation I received from him. The time has come for me to stop searching for the perfect time, place, object, lighting, whatever and just get something done.30day

I found Kevin Tumlinson’s writing online. I bought the book and he said something that really struck me.  He talked about the trap of doing something until it “pays for my living, and then I’ll start writing fiction.”

He pointed out that this is no way to pursue a dream because it will always be unattainable and you will be the one who is pushing it out of reach all by yourself.

Oh. Ouch.

Oh, and this morning, I started my first yoga training – without a mat.

The Sourdough Lady

sourdoughIn an earlier post, I mentioned Teresa Greenway. This week I got to listen to a wonderful interview with her by Nick Walter. It was one of those real wake-up calls. Teresa has performed miracles using what she has. She is engaging, positive, delightful, and motivational.

Here’s the link to Nick’s interview with Teresa.

Watching a Writer Write is Motivating

Chris Fox
Chris Fox

This is Chris Fox over to the right. I bought my first Chris Fox book last summer and it made a difference in my life but the way our brains work, it takes at least seven encounters before the names sink in. So it was not until I saw his second book on writing that I did more investigating.

fox3As luck would have it, I showed up on his page just as he was starting his 21 Day Writing Challenge. It is a real eye opener and the strange thing is, it actually works. Off to the right is the first one of his books (5,000 Words per Hour) that I bought. It makes perfect sense and if you think it is not possible, I’m here to say that it is.

Sure it takes discipline and dedication but the reality of our lives is that we pass ouWriting Habitr days anyway whether we try or not. The next book I’d recommend reading is his book, Lifelong Writing Habit. It works for any habit and Chris is good at telling you how he lost almost 100 pounds, found love, and became a writing machine.

The book I am currently reading is on marketing and how to start in the preplanning stage of writing. In Write to Market Chris describes how to find the secret clue to choosing tWrite to Markethe right genre.

If you are not ready to delve into the wonderful world of writing, check out the 21 day challenge. It’s fun watching a writer write in his housecoat.

Udemy Courses

If you want to know more about writing, or anything else for that matter, head on over to Udemy and find the course that you like to take. The special code that will drop most prices to $19 is MARCH2016.

[Note – I do have affiliate links in this post.]

The Secrets to Drawing

Yesterday I posted about where I find great photos. For those of you who would like to create your own images, here’s a highly recommended course.  The Secrets to Drawing (only $19)


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